Oops: Obama Administration Calls Unborn Baby a Child

The truth is often like a big beach ball being held under water. You can only hold it down for so long before it comes bursting out. Even with the most ardent abortion supporters who have to be extremely careful with how they label and define what a person is inside the womb and out, the truth still finds a way to leak out. Maybe instead of the beach ball analogy, we can think of a leaky dam. Everyone knows the Obama Administration’s official stance on abortion. They say that women have an Read more […]

Josh Earnest: Record Gun Sales Are a “Tragic Irony”

When asked what he thought about the gun sales surges that are happening across the country, White House spokesman Josh Earnest opined that that was a “tragic irony.” He thinks it’s tragic, because of the recent mass shootings that we’ve witnessed. He doesn’t get why people would want to rush to buy guns immediately following such terrible incidents. CNS News reported: “How are legal gun sales, complete with background checks, tragic?” a reporter asked Earnest later: “I guess the Read more […]

White House: Chicago Violence is Proof that we Need More Gun Control

They acknowledge that Chicago is a hotbed of violence and murder, much of it involving guns and gangs. For years, conservatives have pointed to cities such as Chicago to show the failures of gun control. Chicago still has stringent gun control in place, even though the courts have ruled that they must allow concealed carry. That was a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t mean obtaining a gun is all that easy there. The media generally ignore Chicago’s “gun violence,” because they Read more […]

White House: Planned Parenthood has “High Ethical Standards”

While the U.S. is trying to hunt down a lion-murderer, the issue with Planned Parenthood not only murdering unborn and partially born babies, but also selling off their body parts remains a non-story, fabricated by anti-women “extremists.” Google “PETA undercover videos,” and you’ll see that there’s no shortage of videos recorded by undercover PETA operatives for the purpose of exposing the filthy conditions and inhumane treatment of animals at slaughterhouses, chicken coops, and Concentrated Read more […]

Two Drunk Senior Secret Service Agents Run Over Suspected Bomb, Barge Through White House Barricade

And the worst part about this incident where two drunk senior Secret Service agents barged through a White House barricade during a bomb investigation is that they were allowed to just go home afterwards. No charges were filed, and they barely even got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving and causing whatever damage happened as a result. It all started when some crazy woman pulled up near one of the White House entrances and dropped a green shirt-covered object and yelled to a Secret Service Read more […]

White House Needs a Taller Fence, but the Border Doesn’t!

Border security makes sense. Sometimes, there is no need for satire, because reality satirizes itself. What have we learned in the time since a crazy man jumped the White House fence, made it into the building, and caused an unmitigated panic? What did that incident teach us? Well, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security, we need a better fence. “A number of common-sense improvements should be explored. For sure, the fence must be taller; even an increase of four or Read more […]

Evidence Shows White House Involved in IRS Targeting Scandal from Beginning

From the moment the IRS targeting scandal was made public, I contended that Barack Obama and the White House were at the heart of the targeting. I’ve written many times that then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman made far more visits to the White House than any other cabinet member. Before Shulman’s departure, he made 157 visits to the White House. The next most frequent cabinet member visitor was Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank with only 86 visits. Attorney General Eric Holder only Read more […]

IRS Admits Finding 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails Presumed Lost

Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman made 157 visits to the White House prior to the breaking news of the IRS targeting scandal. In comparison with other Cabinet members, the next most frequent visitor to the Obama residence was then Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank who made only 86 visits. So when the IRS targeting scandal broke, Barack Obama claimed complete ignorance of what was going on and denied any involvement. Yet I can’t help but wonder if the entire targeting policies Read more […]

White House Accidentally Reveals Name of Top CIA Spook in Afghanistan

In 2003, members of the Bush administration accidentally leaked the name of Valerie Plame as being a CIA operative. The administration was raked over the coals by the liberal Democrats for the unconscionable leak that endangered Plame and her family’s lives. They claimed that her named was intentionally released because her husband, Joseph C. Wilson, a former US Ambassador to Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, was openly critical of Bush’s invasion into Iraq. Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Read more […]

PETA “Hopping Mad” About White House’s Easter Egg Hunt

Some people are saying that this time, PETA’s lost all credibility. They’ve crossed the line. I’d ask when PETA ever had any credibility? It is not possible to take them seriously. They have to pretend that they’re outraged by animal abuse so that they can raise lots of money from rich and flaky Hollywood liberals. Their latest attack is on the White House for using real eggs in their Easter egg hunt: Here’s PETA’s president’s letter to Michelle Obama: Dear Ms. Obama, I’m Read more […]

White House Petition To Ban Teaching Of Intelligent Design Gets 23,000 Signatures In One Day

It’s been said that stupidity isn’t born, but bred. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment; but I would take it even further in order to explain advanced stupidity. Because unlike regular, run of the mill dumb, you have some people that act so ferociously upon their stupidity that they advance to a new level, and so must be reclassified. It’s typical of these people to behave aggressively because they are under the impression that they are brilliant; that they have been put upon this earth Read more […]

More Idiotic Hypocrisy of Sequestration That Should Get Obama Impeached

Over the past month, we have seen example after example of the federal government’s wasteful spending in one area and ethically wrong cuts in other areas due to Obama’s sequestration.  From the cancellation of White House tours to the docking of nearly half a dozen air craft carriers, it’s been obvious that the sequester spending cuts are purposely designed to hurt the nation and the American people, but not the people making the cuts. Border Patrol and Customs agents face up to 20+ days Read more […]