Bet You Didn’t Know… “White Christmas” is Now RACIST!

MRC TV’s Dan Joseph has a new video out for us just in time for the Christmas holidays and it’s sure to leave you… wishing for Christmas past. Joseph travelled to his local college campus to see what the educated elite thought about Bing Crosby’s famous and beloved holiday classic. To no one’s surprise, the whiny, selfish and elitist kids would love nothing more than banning “White Christmas” for being too… Racist! Read more […]

“White Christmas” Song Now Racist

It’s not surprising to find out that there’s yet another group of words that’s “racist.” After all, this particular group of words contains the word “white” in it. Anything with “white” in it is racist. Unless it’s “kill all the white people,” in which case that’s just exercising the First Amendment. What’s more racist than a white person singing the song “White Christmas?” Answer:  A black man singing “White Christmas,” who has the gall to sing it right as Read more […]