Cop Sues Police Department Over Unlawful Ticket Quotas

Next time a cop pulls you over for no apparent reason and asks you if you know why he pulled you over, maybe you should respond, “Because you’re trying to meet your quota?” Actually, don’t say that. They might get mad and arrest you for “assaulting a police officer” or “resisting arrest.” Quotas vary per police department. Of course, they don’t call them quotas. They don’t call them anything. That’s why no police department will acknowledge their existence. They’re sort Read more […]

No Corrupt President Is Complete Until We Have A Burglary

I have always despised Nixon as the antithesis of a conservative President, to the extent that such a creature is possible. But President Obama has already proven himself to be far worse. Still, it almost seems fitting that we now have a report of an incredibly suspicious burglary that looks like it was motivated to cover political corruption. “The offices of a Dallas law firm representing a high-profile State Department whistleblower were broken into last weekend. Burglars stole three computers Read more […]