“Combating Terrorism” – Another Stab Wound In The First Amendment

The way to defeat the First Amendment is not to cut it off at once, but to make it bleed to death from a thousand wounds. The government does this not by law, but by funding. It creates a military industrial complex that possesses a high demand for studies and plans and white papers and “research” (and I use quote marks because I am being sarcastic) about issues of importance to the state. Once you have this nexus of think tanks and government departments and NGOs, then all you need to do is Read more […]

Secularist Cries Over “Fanatical Religiosity” In Military

Sometimes I forget just how backwards a time we live in. I, as well as much of the country, share certain values and beliefs that I see as completely rational and logical. Then I read the news. After reading my daily dose of political muck, I feel like I’ve chased a white rabbit into Wonderland. Up is down; black is white; left is right; and stupid is smart. Well, after reading the news today, I once again feel the wonder. According to Michael Hill, of the Associated press, a cadet at West Read more […]