Unemployment is Unimportant Only if People are Merely Animals

As it turns out, the unemployment rates are awful in this country, especially for the black community. Leftists look at the stats and it doesn’t seem like they care that much. And I think I understand why. Leftists have a basically materialist perspective on human existence, which is heavily influenced by evolutionary anthropology and biological determinism. They believe that as long as you can survive, you shouldn’t care that much if your life counts for anything. According to leftists, the Read more […]

Thinking Straight on Unemployment Benefits

A recent article in ThinkProgress explained that cutting off unemployment benefits didn’t actually encourage people to get jobs. Citing a load of statistics, it showed how the majority of the benficiaries of unemployment benefits don’t actually find jobs when their unemployment benefits are cut off: So what does happen when people lose their benefits? A 2012 report from the Government Accountability Office found that their poverty rate spikes by 5 percent, a third turn to government programs, Read more […]

People on Food Stamps Outnumber Women Working Full-Time Jobs

Thanks to the evaporation of American employment options,  the devaluation of the American dollar, and the expansion of government largesse, American citizens are even more dependent on the civil government than ever. In fact, statistics from 2011 and 2012 indicate that there are more people on food stamps than there are women working full-time jobs. This is the first instance on record where this has been the case in back-to-back years. But I find even the framing of the statistic troubling. Read more […]

Welfare Recipient Buys Lobster with Food Stamps & Refuses $80,000 a Year Job Offer

Welfare is a snare that traps people into being lazy and expecting every hard working American to support them.  Yes, I know that some people are physically unable to work or can’t find a job in today’s Obama economy, but there are millions of welfare recipients that are just flat out lazy and don’t want to work as long as we feed, clothe and house them at our expense. Case in point is Jason Greenslate.  He first appeared on Fox News purchasing lobster with his food stamps.  Recently, Read more […]

Are Leftists Actually Pro-Choice?

Are leftists really pro-choice? They certainly tell us so often enough. (Methinks the lady doth protest too much…) But as soon as anybody else tries to make a choice they don’t like … Well, they immediately start laying down unilateral standards of conformity. A case in point. The state of Indiana now has a state-wide voucher program in place. Legal challenges to the program have been shot down by the Indiana Supreme Court. So, for the time being, the Indiana voucher program is here to stay. Read more […]

MSNBC: Unemployment Welfare Actually Encourages People To Find A Job

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only one who believes that extending unemployment benefits is actually “one of the best ways to grow the economy.” For this reason, she opposed letting extended unemployment benefits expire. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is right with her. Senator Rand Paul voiced his opposition to turning unemployment benefits into yet another welfare program. He stated the following: “I do support unemployment benefits for the 26 weeks that they’re paid for. If you extend it beyond Read more […]

The Lottery: Why Money Doesn’t Solve Poverty

About a week ago, David Lee Edwards died in hospice. He was 58, completely bankrupt, divorced, miserable, and strung out from addictions and hard living. He had spent a year or so before that living in a storage shed surrounded by his waste. Rewind to 2001. David Lee Edwards was an ex-con living in his parents’ house, borrowing money to keep his water on. He didn’t have a job, his relationship with his fiancee was on the rocks—his life was tanking. He borrowed some money to take his fiancee Read more […]

Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit at Home and Smoke Weed” and Get Paid for it

A welfare recipient called in to a radio show in Austin, Texas gloating about how she gets to just sit at home and do nothing. She claims she also gets to smoke weed. In addition to her gloating, she got on to the radio hosts’ “moralizing” work ethic. The Daily Sheeple’s video description quotes this proud parasite: “While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?… I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… Read more […]

Ohio Food Stamp “Workfare”—What Is The Problem?

Beginning in 2014, Ohio residents without children will have to do work if they want to get food stamps. The Columbus Dispatch reports: “To qualify for benefits, able-bodied adults without children will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 counties exempt because of high unemployment. The requirements begin next month; however, those failing to meet them would not lose benefits Read more […]

How Welfare is Draining the System

Over the weekend, I was watching the local news before going to bed.  A story they ran caught my attention and it had to do with the amount of government assistance that some people can get. The news story centered on a single mother of 2 that lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Five years ago she didn’t have any alternative but to apply for welfare and government assistance.  Since that time, she has been trying to work her way off of welfare, but the system has sucked her in so deep that Read more […]

Illegal Immigrants About To Push Grandma Off The Cliff

Since Reagan’s 1986 Immigration Amnesty, entitlement dependent illegal immigrants and their families have become a financial burden that American families can no longer afford to bear. Some experts predict that it will take 300 years for our current immigrant families to pay any substantive share of income taxes. In other words, America will not experience any fiscal relief from Immigration Reform for at least a century. Any Republican that supports any proposed Immigration Reform legislation is Read more […]

People Using Welfare Money to Pay for Booze, Strip Clubs and Porn

Have you ever wondered how welfare recipients use your tax dollars? Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, a federally operated welfare program, families and individuals are given food stamps and cash assistance which is accessed through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. The New York Post also wondered how welfare recipients spend our tax dollars, so using the Freedom of Information Act, they obtained the database records of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfers.  Read more […]