You Can’t End the Police State Without Ending the Welfare State

With the recent police shooting in South Carolina topping off a growing list of “justifiable” police homicides, many Americans have become painfully aware of the tyrannical reality of the police state. Many of the recent victims of police state brutality have a few things in common: they were black, they were originally stopped for misdemeanors, and they resisted arrest or failed to comply with police orders. None of these factors should, in any sense, carry a death sentence. But do these Read more […]

New Study Finds Record Number of Americans on Welfare

A new study that was just released by the Department of Health and Human Services has some unsettling findings for every American and some terrifying findings for national Democrats.   A new report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has determined that the recorded percentage of Americans on welfare has hit an all-time high, CNS News reports. Covered up to 2011, the report examines the percentage of all persons in the U.S. who lives in families that receive Read more […]

The Robin Hood Statists are Coming for You

Statists with Socialist-leaning fiscal policies often get away with invoking the folk hero, Robin Hood. This illustrates a truth I find frustrating. That is, liberals have an uncanny ability to successfully redefine stuff, like words, history, and even popular fiction. I don’t mean that as a compliment, but it is true. I wish our team could do that, frankly. But we are not very good at it. Once they redefine things, it’s well-nigh impossible to put it all right again. If you control the Read more […]

Why we can’t afford another four years of Bush or Obama

The slide that began in 2000 has become even steeper as, once again, the economic freedom ranking of the United States has sunk even deeper. There are now eighteen nations with freer economies than the United States, according to the just-released 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report. Our nation now follows behind such countries as Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Qatar, and Taiwan. How far we have fallen! Once we ranked as one of the three freest economies on earth, with Singapore Read more […]