Food Stamps make American farms stronger?

Several months back, I observed a Hispanic woman purchase what appeared to be a two-month’s supply of meat and poultry using a Lone Star Card (Texas Food Stamp Benefit Card). When questioned about the size of her family, she giggled and explained to me that the meat was for her “catering truck” business. Then she proudly exited the store to load her bounty into a brand new “Government Motors” Chevy Silverado. The store in question, Hispanic owned and operated La Michoacana Meat Market, Read more […]

Obama Sanctions Entitlement Fraud

“All I knows is, if you wants to lives like a Republicans you gots to vote Democrat.” These haunting words were spoken to me by a neighbor’s wife some 20 years ago during the Clinton/Dole election. I am forever grateful for her ineloquent yet brutally honest insight into the mind of a habitual Democrat supporter. For over a decade, a Democrat legislature has eased entitlement eligibility standards and taken the so called “disadvantaged class” to a quality of living standard beyond any Read more […]