A Thousand Excuses For Foreign Aid To Nowhere; But No Excuse Allowed To End Aid

Everyone once in a while you see a news story that just screams about everything that is wrong with the United States Imperial Ruling Class and their money habits. By “their money habits” I don’t mean it is their money. It is our money under the control of their habits of how to spend that money. Under the accurate headline, “US aid spending unlikely to change, despite $8 billion wasted in Iraq,” the Christian Science Monitor reports that “experts” believe that “we” (i.e. the Read more […]

Democrats Are Just Like Starlings

Throughout most of the United States, you can see large flocks of a blackish bird known as the common or European starling.  Their scientific name, Sturnus vulgaris, was given to them for obvious reasons.  They are noisy and have a very unpleasant voice, and they are very messy. Starlings were first introduced into the US by the noble efforts of a Shakespeare fan, Eugene Schieffelin.  He was the president of the American Acclimatization Society and made it his goal to introduce every bird that Read more […]

It’s Not Just Government Spending; It’s Stupid Government Spending!

As our nation moves closer to inauguration day and the obscene party that will take place to commemorate the 2nd coronation of Barrack Hussein Obama, I wonder when it will all come to a screeching halt. I wonder what future event will shake our Republic so hard that the people just say enough is enough and stop contributing to the irresponsible bureaucracies that are stealing our future. You know, like a tax revolt or something? Deficits, Debt, Debt ceilings, paying our bills, billion dollar Presidential Read more […]