Anti-Gun D.C. Police Chief Says we Should “Take Out” Mass Shooters

Ever since the mass murders in Paris, law enforcement officials have been changing their tune about how to confront mass shooters. We’ve all seen the videos and read their advice on how to deal with shooters. Basically, there are three options. You run, hide, or if you’ve exhausted those options, attack with a pair of scissors. In the context of an active shooter at a school, after running and hiding, people should start throwing books and canned goods at them. You get the idea. Anything but Read more […]

D.C. Police Chief Blames Increase in Homicides on States with Lax Gun Laws

This is the left’s natural response anytime the data show an increase in crimes, particularly homicides involving guns. Obviously, the increase can’t be because of strict gun laws. It has to be because people buy their guns and high-capacity magazines in states with lax gun laws and then bring their contraband into cities with strict gun laws. The Daily Caller reported: [D.C.] is in the midst of a spike in murders that has brought it to nearly 30 percent above the same time last year and Read more […]

D.C. to Give Non-American Citizens Right to Vote

The only reason politicians want to give non-American citizens the right to vote is so that those non-citizens will vote for those politicians. This goes for both political parties. Unfortunately, the establishments of both parties pander to immigrants and those who haven’t gone through the processes to become American citizens. They’re just trying to buy votes. The political process has become a game, the object of which is to own all the demographic groups:  women, Blacks, Latinos, the youth, Read more […]

Judge Declares D.C. Gun Law Unconstitutional

There are some states that have a law that requires anyone applying for a gun permit to have a “good reason” to own a gun. Saying that you have a 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not good enough. Saying that you need one for general self-defense isn’t good enough either. You have to prove to the police that you are in imminent danger of being hurt or killed by someone in particular. Then, maybe they’ll issue you a permit. Of course, maybe they won’t believe you, and your application Read more […]

D.C. Won’t Give Concealed Carry Permit to Man Because he Doesn’t Have a Good Enough Reason

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in D.C., you have to have a “good enough” reason. Just saying that the crime rate is bad or that you have a 2nd Amendment right to do so isn’t sufficient. Here’s The Blaze: Following a federal judge’s decision to strike down a ban on carrying handguns in Washington, D.C., Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski applied for a concealed carry permit. He reportedly filled out a “bunch of paperwork,” gave the city his fingerprints and paid Read more […]

Gun-Free Zone DC Doesn’t Stop Teen from Trying to Rob Resident at Gunpoint

This was apparently one of several cases in gun-free zone DC involving shootings that day. In this particular case, a teen armed with a sawed-off shotgun approached another man and told him he was being robbed. But the victim didn’t comply, and he fought with the kid, eventually shooting him in the back with the teen’s own gun. The Blaze reported: The 18-year-old walked up to his target, carrying a sawed-off shotgun and announcing that he was going to rob a 22-year-old man, police said. Seconds Read more […]

Lesbian Parties, Queer Confessionals, and Tranny Kickball Come to D.C.

It is Pride Week in the nation’s capital, a celebration not of heritage or of country, but of the desire to bed members of the same sex. It’s fitting that such an event of such debauchery would take place at the capital of a debauched nation. Fritz Hahn has in The Washington Post’s Weekend section a write-up of some of Pride Week’s events. As he describes it, it is “a full week of parties, happy hours and dance nights building up to the June 7 parade through Dupont Circle and the massive June Read more […]

Two People Shot at Nat’l Zoo on African-American Family Day

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., is a great place to visit. I can’t say it’s the best zoo in America since it’s the only one I’ve been to, but if you’re ever in the area, definitely check it out. That is, unless it’s a day when you know a lot of black people will be there. Case in point: On Easter Monday, the zoo held its annual African-American Family Day (I’ve found no information on the zoo’s website about when their annual White Family Day is held, but I’m sure I’m just overlooking it). If Read more […]

D.C. Businessman Found Guilty of Possessing Inert Muzzleloader Bullets

There was a case we reported on a while back involving a D.C. businessman who was arrested and charged with possession of unregistered ammo. Apparently, they think it would “promote public safety” to order 30 officers decked out in full tactical gear to the house of D.C. businessman Mark Witaschek, raid his house, use a battering ram to break down the door to the bathroom where his 16-year-old son was taking a shower, pull him out of the bathroom naked, hold the businessman and his girlfriend Read more […]

8th Court Hearing for DC Man Arrested for Having Shotgun Shell in Home

Mark Witaschek enjoys hunting, but since he lives in Washington DC which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, he keeps his guns at his sister’s house in Virginia.  On one of his hunting trips, his shotgun had a misfire, meaning the firing pin struck the primer on a shell, but the shell didn’t fire.  He kept the misfired shotgun shell as a souvenir of his hunting trip. In 2012, Witaschek’s ex-wife created a nightmare for him as she told police that he had threatened Read more […]

D.C. Man Uses Vehicle To Kill Armed Attacker And Gets Charged With Murder

Didn’t this armed criminal know about D.C.’s strict gun laws? He had no business walking around with a gun, let alone using it to harm others. And on top of that, I bet he didn’t even bother to re-register his gun. The Daily Caller reported: A robber attacked Washington D.C. tow truck driver, striking him in the head with a gun, but the driver successfully fought back — and now faces a murder charge. The driver, 35-year-old Corey Stoddard, was approached by 22-year-old Kevin Lewis Read more […]

D.C. Dem: Obamacare Numbers Are Low, Because People Thought The Law Was Repealed

They’ve got one excuse after another. Just over a million people have enrolled into Obamacare exchanges around the country. I’m not sure how many of those enrollees have paid, but those are the recently released figures from the Obama administration as to how many were finally able to get through the website to sign up. They were expecting about 3 million by this time, and in order for Obamacare to be financially viable, they’re going to need about 7 million by the end of March. Of Read more […]