Government Bank Regulators Make More than Twice as Much as Bankers

Another big surprise: recent statistics indicate that bankers make less than half as much annually as the government officials employed to keep those same bankers accountable. Sure, you hear all the time about “bankers’ hours” and “bankers’ pay.” It’s an easy thing to rile up people’s envy by talking about how banker barons and oil tycoons are gouging the life out of the economy for their own profits. How top-level executives and CEOs, blah blah blah. But, as the the Wall Street Journal Read more […]

US No Longer in Top 10 of Most Economically Free Countries

The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation released their 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, and, unsurprising to most of us, the United States has dropped out of the top ten most economically free countries. This is due in part to our escalating economic regulations and out-of-control debt, but it also has to do with growing freedoms in other parts of the world. The Wall Street Journal reports: The most improved players are in Eastern Europe, including Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. Read more […]

Fake Twitter Accounts Padding Virtual Presence

Apparently, many would-be celebrities fake it ’til they make it with shows of a virtual presence that is in actuality, well, virtual. The newest craze on Twitter is boosting your online voice with thousands of robot accounts that follow your Twitter and retweet your tweets. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, aspiring artists and actors buy fake accounts from overseas, and the boost they get in real followers and prestige trumps any similar boosts they would get from paid twitter Read more […]