Backstabbing Schumer Negotiates “Immigrant Prevailing Wage” To Solve His Immigration Failures

Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer of New York, has over 30 years of sleazy experience in the art of political espionage. Schumer has a well documented history of voting to weaken immigration laws and contributing to the explosion of illegal immigration and drug trafficking crime plaguing America today. Yet once again, he wants Americans, and his naïve Senate colleagues, to take him at his word that this time he is going to get it right and honor his commitments. Let us take a gander at Senator Read more […]

Will Obama’s Post-Sandy Bump Be Negated by Unemployment Numbers?

There are now only three more days until we get to vote for who we want to lead the country for the next four years, and I have lost the confidence I held a week ago; I have gone from being 75 percent certain of a Romney victory to a roughly 60 percent certainty. Before Hurricane Sandy, whom I’m beginning to suspect was a Democrat, Mitt Romney enjoyed a one-point lead in the national polls as averaged by Real Clear Politics, my go-to source for polling. In the days right before Sandy made landfall, Read more […]