Video: Black Man Shoots White Thug Who Attacked Him

It was earlier this year in January that this episode unfolded at a Florida Waffle House. But the surveillance video was just recently released showing that the black customer in question acted purely in self-defense against a group of four unruly and aggressive white thugs. One in particular charged at him, leaving him with no other option than to use his handgun against him. After being shot, the white guy and the rest of his group of friends bolted out the restaurant and fled in their SUV. Read more […]

Man Robs Georgia Waffle House with a Pitchfork

If this guy hadn’t been allowed to own a pitchfork or had been forced to submit to a background check prior to purchasing the pitchfork, perhaps this incident would have never happened: Norcross police say 50-year-old Jeffery Wooten entered the diner in Norcross, Georgia, Thursday night and forced people toward a back room. He then grabbed the cash register.[T]he suspect dropped the pitchfork while carrying that cash register back to his truck.Two restaurant workers followed the robber outside, Read more […]