Why is the GOP Against Election Day Voter Registration?

Only eleven states in America allow voters to register to vote all the way up to election day. And apparently many politicians are against election day voter registration. But why? What surprised me the most about this debate, if you can call it that, is that GOP politicians are particularly against election day voter registration. And they oppose it only because they think it favors Democrats, as far as I can tell. But there are multiple complications to the GOP resistance to EDR. For one, it’s Read more […]

Voter ID Law Stands in Texas Says SCOTUS

Ever since the US Supreme Court overturned some of the federal voter laws, it opened the door to states passing voter ID laws. Of course this has not set well with the liberal Democrats who continue to file legal challenges against any voter ID law that requires a person to prove who they are in order to exercise that right and duty to vote. One of the states to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision is Texas, which has been under Republican control for a few years now. Their state law Read more […]

Did Liberal Senator Really Just Help Re-Elect Wisc. GOP Gov. Scott Walker?

Wisconsin politics has been embroiled in controversy ever since Republican Scott Walker was voted in as the state’s governor in 2010. Unlike many politicians, Walker kept most of his campaign promises, especially the ones about reducing the state deficit and working towards a balanced budget. In doing so, he stepped on the toes of the unions that represent state employees and the unions have been gunning for him ever since. They mounted a recall drive against Walker but he won that election Read more […]

Rand Paul Wants Republicans To Drop Voter ID Issue

“The fact is that a man who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous.” – Niccolo Machiavelli Doing what is best for yourself is rarely easy; doing what is best for others is almost impossible. It’s not a lack of drive which compels one to abandon the desire to do good for others, but the negative response which inevitably hits back so hard that one simply let’s go. Often, perceptions are manipulated to make the doer of good things look like Read more […]

Poll Worker Imprisoned for Voter Fraud Honored by Local Democrats upon Early Release

I live in northern Kentucky, about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati.  Consequently, all of our local news is from Cincinnati.  We hear all about Ohio politics, their very own Speaker of the House John Boehner and how great the Democrats are.  The city of Cincinnati has been run by liberal Democrats long before I moved into the area in 1996.  Whenever President George Bush or candidate Mitt Romney came to town, all you heard about on the news was how disruptive their visits are to local traffic.  Read more […]

Poll Worker Who Admitted to Voting for Obama Multiple Times Gets Out of Jail Early

Voter fraud is a myth. It never happens. It’s all a conspiracy theory conjured up by the right to push for racist voter ID laws that only serve to bar Democrats from voting. After all, statistics show that most dead people vote Democrat. And Republicans want nothing more than to strip those people of their voting rights, simply because they’re no longer living and may not possess a “valid” ID. So, vote fraud doesn’t happen. Except in the cases that it does happen: A former Ohio poll Read more […]

Attendance Suppression Tactics On Full Display At Voter ID Protest Rally

“The NAACP planned a peaceful march to protest the requirement of voter ID laws on Saturday at the ‘Moral March on Raleigh.’ Organizers said 20,000 to 30,000 Americans showed up to the protest…In a flyer sent out entitled ‘Important Do’s and Don’ts for Marchers,’ some very responsible marching elements were listed for people’s safety.” – Yehuda Remer Can you guess what those important do’s and don’ts were? If you had to take a wild guess as to what one would need for a protest or a march Read more […]

Fail: Voter ID Law Protestors Required To Show ID In Order To Protest

They say that laws requiring people to show ID in order to vote are racist and that they disenfranchise certain voting blocs, namely minorities. Apparently, about 25% of blacks and 16% of Latinos lack some kind of government-issued photo identification. Only 9% of whites don’t have such identification. Obviously, Democrats don’t like these laws, not because they view them as racist, but because these voters are far more likely to vote Democrat. So, naturally, they want as many of these people Read more […]

Democrats Hate Photo ID Because They’re Criminals

“I think many are using it for partisan advantage…People have to understand that we are not opposed to photo identification in a vacuum, But when it is used in — certain ways to disenfranchise particular groups of people, whether by racial designation, ethnic origin, or for partisan reasons, that from my perspective is problematic. I think it is being used in too many instances to depress the vote of particular groups of people who are not supported of the party that is advancing these photo Read more […]

The Invisible Racism of Democrats

The Department of Justice, presided over by Eric Holder, is filing a lawsuit against the state of Texas alleging that Texas’ new voter identification laws stand in violation of the 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment. Let’s take a look at those Amendments: Section one of the 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any Read more […]

The Necessity Of Voter ID Laws Is Obvious: Why Are There So Many Objections?

Winston Churchill said these two things: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,” and “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Among seemingly thousands of brilliant Churchill quotes, those two are my favorites. They are my favorites because they are truth, distilled into two sentences. It is universal that lies travel faster than truth, and it is universal that the average voter is woefully uninformed. Read more […]

Obama vs Voter ID Laws

Peter Abelard said: “Logic has made me hate in the world.” The age in which we live—politically—has no respect for logic, only bravado. In fact, I would venture further to say that logic actively garners hatred and contempt. Think about it, when Conservatives try to provide common sense reforms, the reactions from the Left are universally negative. Not only are they negative, but they are generally aggressively so. One has to wonder why someone would eschew common sense in favor of something Read more […]