Vote Fraud in Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico?

There are reports of vote-flipping and vote fraud. I’m sure there are plenty of other states involved as well, but these were just the states that happened to be in the headlines at the time. Liberals are always saying that vote fraud doesn’t exist. Unless of course it happens to be the Presidential election in 2000, where Bush stole the election from Gore, who was the obvious winner. To liberals, vote fraud only exists when it’s the Republicans stealing votes from Democrats. Democrats Read more […]

Democrats Hate Photo ID Because They’re Criminals

“I think many are using it for partisan advantage…People have to understand that we are not opposed to photo identification in a vacuum, But when it is used in — certain ways to disenfranchise particular groups of people, whether by racial designation, ethnic origin, or for partisan reasons, that from my perspective is problematic. I think it is being used in too many instances to depress the vote of particular groups of people who are not supported of the party that is advancing these photo Read more […]

Democrat Poll Worker Charged With Multiple Counts of Illegal Voting

A Cincinnati news agency is reporting that three Ohio voters have been charged with voting improperly. One is a nun who voted in place of her nun friend who died before the election. The nun is pleading guilty to the charge and is resigning her position. Another, Melowese Richardson, 58, a long-time poll worker and (according to today’s broadcast on this story by Fox News) loyal Obama supporter, is charged with either eight or nine counts of voting for other people. They seem to have been mostly Read more […]