Soviets, er, Russians Sure Do Spy A Lot

Is it just me, or do the  Russians seem to send a lot of spies out into the Western world? Perhaps they are searching for better ways to run their faltering economy? I only ask because it seems that Russia is again looking to exchange spies captured by western democracies for spies that Russia is holding on to. It seems that in the days of computer hacking and high tech electronic surveillance, every now and again you still need a person to get the job done. A Russian couple that was recently Read more […]

Snowden Seeks Russian Asylum

Infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden is still in search of a new home, as he has decided he’d prefer not to stand trial in the US for his “crimes.” He had previously asked Russia for temporary asylum while he tried to work out the details of the next leg of his odyssey. Snowden understands that he is in a very precarious position and that our government is likely keeping an eye on him almost constantly. His best chances of making it to a nation with no extradition treaty with the USA is to Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 17, 2013

Good morning! Here’s what we’re reading Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The House will vote on delaying key aspects of the Obamacare legislation today, here’s hoping they can get this past the House and the Senate! Panama seizes Cuban arms and sugar headed to North Korea. The Cubans say the weapons are obsolete and were headed to North Korea for repair. The Panamanians wondered why, if this were true, the weapons seem to be hidden by the shipment of sugar. Justin Amash (R-MI) has introduced Read more […]