How Planned Parenthood Will Use the Fog of War to Confuse Americans

“Truth is the torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it.” – Claude Adrien Helvetius The Colorado shooting is certainly a tragedy. Three people have died–two civilians and one police officer. However, at this moment, we have no idea the motive of the shooter, or if Planned Parenthood was even his target. Speculation is rampant, and the left will use this their advantage. In the fog of war, and until concrete, incontrovertible evidence proves otherwise, the left will repeatedly Read more […]

Pro-Life Activist Assaulted by “Tolerant” Pro-Abortion Bystander

Part of the Genocide Awareness Project’s (GAP) demonstrations included images of aborted babies. This pro-life group would demonstrate on college campuses and interact with students. At a demonstration a few years ago on Ohio State University, GAP was met with counter-protesters who wanted GAP to be prohibited from demonstrating on campus. The co-president of one of the pro-abortion activist groups counter-protesting GAP stated the following: “We … find the tactics used by GAP to be aggressive, Read more […]

Liberal Radio Host: Open Gun Carriers Ought to be Shot in the Head

Lots of people have voiced their criticism of open gun carriers. You know, those people who walk in to places like Starbucks or Chipotle with their rifles slung around their shoulders. Many conservatives think these open carriers give the rest of law-abiding gun-owners a bad name. I disagree. While I wouldn’t personally want to carry a rifle in one those types of establishments, I think that people should be allowed to. The reason that people, even conservatives, have such a hard time dealing Read more […]

The Gays Of Sodom Were A Lot Like Modern Ones

Last night, lying in bed, I was reading what Democrats refer to as a bigoted work of fiction: The Holy Bible. Dake’s study Bible, to be more precise, which is unquestionably the most thorough and informative study Bible I’ve ever read. I was in Genesis, chapter 19, in which two angels visit the city of Sodom, which was home to the same type of sexual deviants that make up today’s LGBT community. According to the previous chapter, the angels went to Sodom “because their sin is very grievous.” Read more […]

The Democrats’ Fake War On Incendiary Rhetoric

William Hazlitt said: “A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could.” The Left is not unfamiliar with hypocrisy; they live and breathe untruths. But one of their greatest cons is pinning upon their opponents what they themselves do. It’s a classic propagandistic move to convince others that it is actually your opponent who practices your own vile tendencies. The best of the best, in terms of recent Democrat hypocrisies, Read more […]

Ron Paul Mocks Dead Sniper

When the Ron Paul story first broke, I had no intention of writing anything about it, because first of all, I had no idea what to write. I read Ron Paul’s Tweet; thought it was deplorable; then went on with my day. But then, the story continued. Following justifiable public outrage, Ron Paul Tweeted again. This time, I couldn’t let it go. Following the point blank shooting and murder of the most prolific American sniper, Chris Kyle, Ron Paul issued his statement on the tragedy. He Tweeted: “Chris Read more […]

Liberals Taking Away the Freedom of Choice from Employees

There has been much hubbub, brouhaha, and yes, even some ballyhoo over Michigan’s recent passage of right-to-work (RTW) legislation, which prohibits unions from forcing the joining of a union as a requirement to work. In other words, the legislation takes a good step away from the fascism that liberals hold so dear. This is where the aforementioned hoopla comes into play. Union members, more commonly and accurately referred to as goons or thugs, protested on Tuesday the bill that was to be Read more […]

Union Thugs Incite Violence In Michigan

Over the years, as a Conservative, I have witnessed many contradictions from the Left. The Left has created a bubble in which they can believe certain things that outside the bubble, would be considered ludicrous. Things like spending more money to get out of debt, pouring cash into failing companies, giving loans to those who cannot make payment, providing “free” healthcare, raising taxes on the wealthy to pay down the debt, etc. Liberals live in this insulated world, occupied by the short-term. Read more […]