The Final Price of War in the Middle East … $6 Trillion!

There are many reasons we shouldn’t be waging wars in the Middle East. But one of the most compelling at this point should be that we just can’t afford it. According to a recent study, our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will have a final cost of nearly $6 trillion: “As a consequence of these wartime spending choices, the United States will face constraints in funding investments in personnel and diplomacy, research and development and new military initiatives,” wrote expert Anthony H. Cordesman Read more […]

74% of US Casualties of 12 Year Afghan War Occurred Since Obama Increased Troop Numbers

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, wasn’t he against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  I do recall seeing him on television during the campaign referring to them as Bush’s wars and he would end them.  Obama accused his opponent Sen. John McCain of being a hawk who wanted to escalate the wars while Obama claimed he wanted to end the wars and bring our servicemen/women home. He more or less kept his promise by pulling most of our troops out Read more […]

Whoopi’s “Wicked Step-Sister” Act

Ann Romney appeared on “The View” on Thursday. One could argue that this decision exhibited a shocking lack of sense or, at the very least, taste by Mrs. Romney, but there is another possibility. Mrs. Romney was being smart…or at the very least, charitable. Mrs. Romney appeared poised and gracious. It didn’t take long for the president’s personal attack machine, in the person of Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson), to get rolling. Ms. Goldberg barely waited for Mrs. Romney to take Read more […]

Afghanistan – Vietnam All Over Again

The only war the U.S. ever fought and lost was the Vietnam War.  Excuse me, I mean the Vietnam United Nations Police Action. One of the greatest difficulties we had in Vietnam, besides it being run by the United Nations, was that we never knew for certain who our friends and enemies really were.  Sure, we could recognize the various uniforms and clothes of the regimental North Vietnamese and Chinese, but it was those that donned other outfits that proved to be the most dangerous. U.S. troops Read more […]