Man Jailed for Recording Police

An Orlando man was jailed for recording police as they arrested another individual. The man subsequently sued for taking his phone and for false arrest and won a settlement of $15,000. The Blaze reported: Alberto Troche, who sued Orlando police for wrongfully jailing him and taking his phone, received $15,000 in a settlement, the Orlando Sentinel reported this week. According to the lawsuit, Troche saw police arresting a man late one night in December of last year. Based on cries of pain from Read more […]

Family Jailed for Recording their Tense Encounter with Police

There was a Pennsylvania family who found themselves at the mercy of a few local cops who were acting aggressively toward them. When the mother saw that the situation was escalating, she decided to pull her cell phone out and record. Usually at that point, the police do one of two things. Either they shape up and leave, or it makes them angry and belligerent. In this case, it just made things worse. But at the same time, it’s a good thing the woman recorded the incident, because that’s Read more […]