Trucker Pulls Cop Over for Speeding and Talking on His Cellphone While Driving

The trucker, who was reportedly cruising at 65, saw a cop fly past him on the highway. The cop was also on his cellphone. As the trucker noted, it had just rained, and the road was still wet. So, the trucker honked his horn until the cop noticed and pulled the truck over to find out why he was honking his horn. The trucker explained that the cop was speeding and talking on his cell, all on the wet road, which constitutes reckless driving. Initially, the cop ignored the speeding charge and was Read more […]

Man Charged With Violating HIPAA Laws for Filming Police on Public Street

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law designed for how health care providers handle a person’s personal health information. However, in Little Canada, Minnesota, a quaint little suburb of about 10,000 just 7 miles due north of St. Paul, sheriff’s deputies have issued a citation to Andrew Henderson for violating the HIPAA laws while video recording them in action on a public street. The incident all started October 30 of last year when Henderson happened Read more […]