Man Arrested for Obstruction After Recording Another Man’s Arrest

Judges ruling on government surveillance cases often tell us that there should be no expectation of privacy in our society today. Every venue is fair game for the government to snoop on us. It’s for national security. Unless you’re a cop, in which case the actual act of a civilian recording you poses a threat to national security. Some Miami guy was recording an arrest with his cell phone, after which the police came and arrested him. They eventually decided that his official charges would Read more […]

Woman Jailed For Recording Her Encounter With Police At A Routine Traffic Stop

Citizens are under constant audio and video surveillance. It’s for our own safety, of course. It might be an invasion of our privacy, but as long you’re not doing anything wrong, you should have nothing to hide. So, it shouldn’t bother you that much to always be under some kind of monitoring, whether it be out in public, or on the internet. Or so they say. If that’s the case, then why do cops hate being recorded so much? Some of them don’t seem to mind, but many of them actually think Read more […]

Video Record Food Production: You’re A Terrorist!

I remember stories about eco-terrorism which involved real violence and destruction. So when I hear that there is a law being pushed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) called “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act” my first reaction is positive. Eco-Terrorism must be punished! ALEC is a kind of lobbying group that tries to get laws passed in as many states as possible. In this case, they want a terrorism database set up so that, in addition to being punished, your name can Read more […]