Idolizing Celebrities Instead Of America’s True Heroes

Hollywood actors and stadium-filling musical artists are the heroes of modern society. It’s unfortunate, but true. We devour the escapism of movies, we bathe in the infinitely varied rhythms, lyrics, and melodies of music, and we find ourselves titillated to hear any rumors involving the personal lives of celebrities. Celebrities can be forgiven for thinking highly of themselves since, after all, we think highly of them. We made them rich and famous. We built the glittering thrones upon which Read more […]

Gutless Liberals Don’t Spit On Vets Anymore; They Just Want Them To Die Off Quicker

War may be wrong, but sometimes it is necessary. No words can do justice to the courage and bravery any soldier displays when they face the violent aggression of Americas enemies. Most Americans have never faced the challenge of shaking off the overwhelming monster called fear that can swallow a soldier faced with combat. Somehow our veterans found a way, without regret, to honor their oath to defend America and with that a spoiled liberal’s right to be callous, arrogant and careless with their Read more […]

Suicide Kills More Active Military Personnel Than Combat

With all of the news about Afghanistan and Iraq, you would expect the number one cause of deaths of American soldiers would be from combat, but that is not the case.  In fact, the number one cause of military deaths is worse than combat, it’s from suicide. According to a recent release, there were 313 Army personnel killed in combat (Operation Enduring Freedom) for the year of 2012.  During that same timeframe, the Army reported 325 suicides.  That’s up from the previous year which reported Read more […]