Cop Assaults Air Force Vet for Trying to Break up Fight

Orlando Police were called to the scene after Air Force veteran Refus Holloway tried breaking up a fight between two other men at a relative’s house. When police arrived, Holloway attempted to show them his military ID. In response, police ordered Holloway to the ground where he was cuffed, beaten, pepper-sprayed, and dragged through the dirt while other cops looked on. The police even had cameras watching the excessive force, but they turned away their cameras so that the incident wouldn’t be Read more […]

Veteran’s Patriotic Shirt too Offensive for Six Flags

Mario Alejandro, 33, served four years in the US Marine Corps. He was there at the start of the war in Iraq and ended up with hearing loss and PTSD. He is now classified as disabled because of his hearing loss and PTSD. On Father’s Day, his family presented him several t-shirts that are part of a fundraiser for the non-profit group Marine Reconnaissance Foundation that helps support recon Marines and their families. One t-shirt is black with a stars and stripe colored assault rifle above the Read more […]

VA Police Stomp on Military Vet’s Head and Neck, Causing Stroke and Death

The family of the 65-year-old military vet is now suing for wrongful death, among a litany of other abuses perpetrated by the Veterans Affairs Police in May of 2011. According to Courthouse News Service, military veteran Jonathan Montano had had a shunt put in his arm and had waited for dialysis at his local VA facility in California for four hours. The man was tired of waiting, so he told the nursing staff that he wanted to leave and go to another VA facility where he could get dialysis. He told Read more […]

Discrimination? Restaurant Refuses To Serve Military Vet Because Of His Service Dog

We all know what happens if a business refuses to bake a cake for a “gay” wedding. They get sued and end up being forced to either bake that cake or shut down. It used to be that the government didn’t get involved in the market. That’s what made it a free market. If a business owner didn’t want to serve a person for any reason, he didn’t have to. If it was for racial reasons, as morally bad as that was, he was allowed to make that decision as a business owner and suffer the consequences Read more […]

Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran’s Service Dog

Starbucks gained negative coverage two years ago when they openly supported Washington State’s bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  Christians around the nation began to contact Starbucks in protest and many stopped giving them their coffee business. Last year at Starbucks annual shareholder’s meeting, shareholder Tom Strohbar was in attendance.  Noting that a recent boycott launched against Starbucks by the National Organization for Marriage has resulted in a significant decrease in sales, Read more […]

Veteran Charged With Unlawful Gun Use After Defending Himself Against Intruder

Oliver Goldsmith said: “Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.” Not a day goes by that I am not dumbfounded by a story in the news. The lengths to which some people will go to defend gun usage is staggering. Even worse, when people use the excuse of “self-defense” as a means to unnecessarily pull the trigger of a firearm, I am appalled. Conservatives will tell you that we all have a “right” to bear arms; citing an outdated Second Amendment—which itself was not designed for Read more […]