The Vatican’s Nuclear Disarmament Speech is Naive and Dangerous

In an address given to the President of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Archbishop Paul Gallagher delivered a naive series of statements praising the notion of nuclear disarmament, as well as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear agreement. While I fully understand that a man of faith must be inclined to believe good outweighs evil, and that the wanton destruction of human beings using nuclear weapons is a vile thing, he cannot be so Read more […]

Denying Communion To Pelosi & Kerry Ok’d By Vatican Chief Justice

One of the saddest trends I’ve seen in religion of late is how much people expect the Church to lower its standards to meet those of a degrading society.  The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is wrong, but because gays have been whining and crying the loudest, they are getting their way.  Instead of standing up for biblical principles, church after church has given way to compromise by not only accepting homosexuals, but ordaining them. Likewise, churches are being pressured by liberals Read more […]

The Marxist In The Vatican

Only this past week, when the Pope called capitalism “a new tyranny” and “an economy of exclusion and inequality” that “kills,” did Rush Limbaugh get around to calling out the Pope for his Marxist beliefs, and only then did most conservatives follow suit. I’m proud to say that I was among the first people on the right to express displeasure with Pope Francis. Day one, hour one, in fact. (Full disclosure: I’m a Protestant, but I’ve always had a respect for past popes.) I read only briefly about Read more […]