Man Faced Felony Vandalism Charges For Pruning Bushes

Where would we be without bored city bureaucrats who spend their time trying to prosecute people for pruning shrubs? There is this guy who lives in Ocean Beach, California. His name is Juvencio Adame, but his friends call him Vince. There are some bushes next to his house that are often overgrown, and as a result, provide a place for homeless delinquents to hang out and litter. Vince doesn’t like this, because it’s right next to his house, so when these bushes become overgrown, he trims them. The Read more […]

Pro-life Display Vandalized, Media Doesn’t Care

“I learned that very often the most intolerant and narrow-minded people are the ones who congratulate themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness.” – Christopher Hitchens As much as I cannot stand Christopher Hitchens, the above quote is accurate. It is a Liberal rule to tolerate everything except anything they don’t agree with. In reality, the Left tolerates nothing. If one defies a Leftist tenant, such as gay marriage, abortion, or amnesty, they become an enemy of the Liberal elite. The Read more […]

Woman Vandalizes 9/11 Memorial; Uses Her Heritage As An Excuse

“The fault in our humanity is when we presume that we exist above others. When we do so, we actually fall well beneath the bar set by the lowest dregs of us.” There is not much that deeply bothers me. But there is one exception: false piety. I cannot stand those who believe that, because of their heritage or their status in the world, they live outside of the rules of man. They believe they exist outside of society and the laws upon which society is built, and therefore cannot be judged for what Read more […]