New Vaccine Law Forces California Parents to Vaccinate Children

This country is all about equality, freedom, liberty to do as you please. Unless you are not party to the ruling elite’s agenda or ideology. Then you have no rights at all. That’s the message parents keep getting about vaccinations, especially in light of a new law in California that basically forces parents to vaccinate: Gov. Jerry Brown wasted no time Tuesday in signing a contentious California bill [SB277] to impose one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the country following an Read more […]

Vaccines are Sold on Herd Immunity Theory … Is It a Myth?

If you have chosen for your children or yourself not to get the three thousand vaccines and four trillion boosters recommended by the establishment, you’ve probably heard the ringing refrain that you are damaging herd immunity and damaging the country’s immunological complexion. But recent studies are casting a shadow of doubt on herd immunity theory: Perhaps with the good intention to immediately put an end to any risk of congenital rubella in their community, elementary-school children were Read more […]

CDC Still Pushing Flu Shots in Spite of 23% Effectiveness

The CDC is still encouraging people to get flu shots in spite of the fact that recent reports give them a dismal %23 effectiveness rating: The flu vaccine for 2014-2015 is not the worst ever — the past decade has ranged from 10 percent to 60 percent effective — but its record is worrying enough that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged doctors to ramp up the use of antiviral medications in people who fall ill with influenza. Its lack of punch is being blamed on multiple Read more […]

Test Results for Vaccines Falsified by Big Pharmacy Company?

I never know what to think about news stories on big pharmacy and big medicine. On the one hand, I’m open to believing that there is a global Malthusian conspiracy aimed at destroying our health, or that, at least, corporations in our day generally care more about money than they do about ethical uprightness. But on the other hand, I hear stories about big pharmacy and big agriculture all the time, and it is impossible to determine how many of them are actually true. Obviously, the mainstream Read more […]

One Variance From Status Quo On TV Brings Wails And Moans

I would never watch The View, since its real name is The View Of Statist Pagan Women. But they had a token (pro-war, I think) “conservative” on the show in the person of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck has decided to go to a network that, for better or worse, actually gets watched. So The View needed to replace her. And now they did. Cue, moans, howls, rent clothing, and gashing of flesh with stones. Jenny McCarthy will be the new co-host on the view. And this makes people angry. Personally, Read more […]

HHS Settling Suits Over Deaths And Injuries Caused By The HPV Vaccines

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer and genital warts. In 2006, Merck & Co received approval for a vaccine against HPV known as Gardasil. Vaccine was heavily promoted by the Department of Health and Human Services launched a huge push to vaccinate girls as young as 13. By the end of 2007 nearly 25% of girls ages 13 to 17 had received the Gardasil vaccination. In 2009, the  HHS launched a second campaign to start vaccinating boys as young as 13 years of Read more […]