Homosexual Fakes “Hate Crime” Against Himself, Rakes in $12,000 in Donations

This certainly isn’t the first time a homosexual injured himself and/or destroyed his property and then blamed it all on a bigot’s homophobia. It doesn’t usually take very long for investigators to find inconsistencies in the person’s story, finally eliciting a confession from the person saying that he did it all to himself. They want the attention. They desperately want to be victims and “martyrs.” The problem is that “haters” don’t hate them nearly as much as they want to be Read more […]

Man Calls Suicide Hotline; SWAT Team Kills Him

A Roy, Utah man named Jose Calzada called a suicide hotline early one morning, and a SWAT team was dispatched to his house that ended up killing him. It’s as if the police told him, “No, don’t kill yourself! Let us do that for you.” As the Free Thought Project noted, the first mistake here was the suicide prevention center contacting the police department instead of a group of people who know how to deal with those who are suicidal. Police too often “feel their lives are threatened” Read more […]

More School Teachers Carrying Concealed Weapons to School

Did you know that in the 10 years Utah has had laws permissive of teachers carrying concealed guns on school campuses, there hasn’t been even one fatal K–12 school shooting in the whole state? Apparently, even a resident can carry his gun on school premises, provided that they have a permit. But I thought guns were the problem. I thought adding even more guns into the mix means increasing fatal school shootings, not rendering them obsolete. Maybe it’s not the guns that are the problem. Read more […]

Utah Police Get Grenade Launchers and MRAP…Just in Case

Their excuse is that they want to be prepared. It’s “just in case.” It’s funny how only certain people are allowed to use that reasoning. If you’re a civilian, then you don’t really need anything beyond a shotgun, and even that is borderline. How many discussions have we seen involving Piers Morgan where he asks his interviewee why anyone would truly need a gun like an AR-15 or an AK-47 except to kill a massive amount of people in a short amount of time? And it was New York’s Governor Read more […]

Virginia Looks To Survive Dollar’s Death; Washington Post Does Not Scoff

We’ve seen state governments make moves like resist Obamacare, refuse Federal violations of the Second Amendment, and repudiate Federal controlled substance laws. I had hoped to see these signs of resistance to the Federal power grab and am thrilled they are taking place. But the recent news that the Virginia legislature is considering preparing to start their own currency far surpasses anything I expected of dared hope for. “This week, the proposal by the Prince William Republican sailed through Read more […]