USDA Wants You to Eat Expired Food

The USDA is urging Americans to eat more expired food, up to 18 months after expiration for some foods: USDA provided a video in which one official explains, “Many products may have a sell-by date of say April 1 but they could be good in your pantry for another 12 or 18 months. And by throwing those out, what you’re doing, is you’re contributing to food waste in the United States.” As an example, the video showed boxes of dried pasta. Why April 1? Is this an April Fool’s joke? Apparently Read more […]

USDA Requires Magicians To Have “Disaster Plans” For Their Rabbits

To say that American businesses are over-regulated is a bit of an understatement. In very small print, the USDA spends 14 pages to spell out regulations specifically pertaining to rabbits and requirements that need to be met to keep one’s “rabbit license.” A 1965 law required that labs obtain government licenses in order to use animals for testing purposes. But in 1970, that law was amended to include not just labs, but any entity that exhibits animals. Like zoos and circuses. But because Read more […]

Is USDA Deliberately Sucking Everyone Possible into the Food Stamp Trap?

The US Department of Agriculture has been running a food stamps outreach program in partnership with the government of Mexico. The question being asked by at least one member of Congress is who and how many people are receiving the nutritional assistance program aid and what are the goals of the USDA. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) tried to lead an effort to define the USDA food stamp partnership with Mexico. Unfortunately that effort died in committee, but that hasn’t kept Sessions from asking Read more […]

USDA Justifies Illegal Aliens by Claiming Pilgrims Were Illegals Also

Have you ever known someone who goes to extremes to justify something that is wrong?  I’ve read articles that said that man is unfaithful to his spouse because it’s part of our evolutionary genetic make-up, so we can’t help it.  I’ve heard the same lame argument made to justify living a sinful homosexual lifestyle. But one of the best stretches I’ve heard lately comes from the US Department of Agriculture Cultural Sensitivity Training program for their employees.  In the training, Read more […]