Do We Need A Gas Tax Hike to Repair Our Aging Infrastructure?

Democrats in most states are calling for a gas tax hike in order to pay for road repairs and construction. Most Republicans resist any new taxes out of hand, but even they don’t now how to fund infrastructure repairs and construction without either raising the taxes or going further into debt. Conservatives don’t like either: The federal government typically spends about $50 billion per year on transportation projects, but the gas tax only brings in approximately $34 billion annually. The nonpartisan Read more […]

Unions Trying to Ban Non-Union Airlines from Landing in US

One of the things that made America great was free enterprise. People were allowed to create a business and try to prosper. Sometimes the businesses failed and sometimes they were successful. Some unscrupulous business owners created unfavorable working conditions, often referred to as sweat shops. They provided no benefits and little pay. So along came labor unions and cleaned up working conditions, securing benefits and getting the workers high pay. A century later, unions have driven up Read more […]