Membership in Unions at 100-Year Low

In the midst of what some people are deigning to call an economic “recovery,” there is one group that is not gaining much traction: labor unions. They have posted their worst enrollment numbers in one hundred years. And there are numerous theories on why American workers are abandoning unions. One of the most popular is that unions haven’t changed their tack since the 1930s, in spite of the fact that the job market has changed dramatically. It used to be the case that unions helped you to Read more […]

Will Democrats Destroy Wisconsin’s Economic Recovery in November?

Republican Scott Walker is no stranger to controversy. He was elected to the governorship of Wisconsin in 2010 on the campaign promised of cutting the state’s deficit and balancing the budget and he did just that. After being sworn into office, Walker jumped right in to the budget issues and like a responsible businessman he knew he had to make drastic cuts and changes in order keep his campaign promises. He knew that making necessary cuts always angers those it affects, but he also knew that Read more […]

Unions Trying to Ban Non-Union Airlines from Landing in US

One of the things that made America great was free enterprise. People were allowed to create a business and try to prosper. Sometimes the businesses failed and sometimes they were successful. Some unscrupulous business owners created unfavorable working conditions, often referred to as sweat shops. They provided no benefits and little pay. So along came labor unions and cleaned up working conditions, securing benefits and getting the workers high pay. A century later, unions have driven up Read more […]

National Labor Board Creates Nightmare for College Athletics

For years, the NCAA has brought sanctions against college athletes, coaches, colleges and universities for violating NCAA rules for taking money, items or anything that could be construed as payment.  Great college athletes have had their careers ruined because someone gave them free shoes or allowed them to stay in a hotel for a couple nights.  Coaches have lost their jobs because one or more of their college players took some type of gratuity from a supporter and schools have lost millions of Read more […]

Unions Bullying Teachers Who Opt Out

I guess that all of the anti-bullying laws, rules and ordinances don’t apply to the liberal left-wing unions that conscript educators into slavery.  At least that’s the way it appears. After the 2012 election, Michigan joined the ranks of states known as ‘right to work’ states.  That means that a person is not forced to join a union in order to get a job in any certain field.  Unfortunately, the right to work was delayed just long enough to allow teachers’ unions in the state to lock Read more […]

Does Ashton Kutcher Show Us Why The AFL-CIO Is Declining?

Ashton gave a short speech the other night, and yesterday Fox News reported on the decline of a major union, “It was an unexpected and blunt admission by one of the nation’s most powerful labor leaders: ‘We are in crisis, and we have to do things differently,’ AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told USA Today last week. His candid assessment heralds a change in strategy for the one-time labor giant.  It is now seeking to partner with other left-leaning organizations such as the NAACP and Read more […]

Union Hypocrites Want Obamacare Waiver

Niccolo Machiavelli said: “The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.” This bit of insight is certainly applicable to many aspects of life; but none more so than politics. We see examples of this every day coming out of Washington. The American people complain about something; the few intelligent and insightful politicians raise Cain; then the Democrats and foolish Republicans push through damaging legislation. It’s not until months or years later; when it hits the fan, that the fools Read more […]

Are Sandy Refugees Moving to FEMA Camps?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced hundreds of thousands of City of New Orleans residents. Two hundred thousand Katrina refugees were relocated to Houston; the fourth largest city in the United States. Some 150 thousand never left and many are now being treated to the hospitality of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Ask most Houston residents if they would offer hospitality to future out-of-state storm refugees and I believe the majority would reply: “HELL NO!” The City of Houston Read more […]

One Judge Overturns the Wishes of the Voters in Wisconsin

When we elect a president, we also elect judges, bureaucrats (who stay long after a president’s term/terms of office), laws he gets passed, and executive orders. Consider what just happened in Wisconsin. Wisconsin was a battleground that put public sector union workers in a bargaining position that allowed the unions to use the power of government to line their pockets and those of their members. This sweetheart relationship was bankrupting the state. Republican Governor Scott Walker decided Read more […]