Happy Labor Day! Let Me Tell You a Little Union Story …

Labor Day. It’s that one holiday in the US which basically no one knows how to celebrate. Are we supposed to go to work or not? Aside from eat too much food, what else is there for us to do? Maybe raise our glasses in a toast to the unemployment rate? Or have a moment of silence for the damage that organized labor has done to American jobs, product quality, and international competitiveness? Yeah. Labor Day is a bit of a depressing holiday really. Not to be a wet blanket, but let me tell you Read more […]

Chicago Teachers Union Busing Union Members to Ferguson for Protest

Have I ever said I hate unions? Rhetorically asked because the answer is I’ve said it many times and this is just one of many examples of why! Blacks are still up in arms over the shooting death of a black criminal by a white police officer. They don’t care that the large youth had just held up a convenience store. They don’t care that evidence shows that he viciously attacked the police officer leaving the officer with a complete blowout fracture of his eye socket. They don’t care that Read more […]

School Choice Programs Survive Despite Challenges from Teachers’ Unions

Have you ever heard of an education savings account? Arizona enacted a law to establish this helpful program and now other states are starting to follow their example. So what is the account? According to the Friedman Foundation: “Under Arizona’s plan, designed by the Goldwater Institute in 2005 and enacted in 2011, the state awards eligible families 90 percent of their children’s per student public funding, based on a state formula. The Arizona Department of Education deposits the money in Read more […]

VW Workers in Tennessee Say No to Union

Years ago, unions helped improve worker conditions, rights, benefits and wages.  For that we are all grateful.  However, nowadays, I see unions being more about liberal politics and driving costs so high that companies are forced to move out of the country in order to stay in business. I’ve known unions to go on strike for months, leaving their members to struggle financially.  I recall one strike years ago that lasted 9 months.  The union representatives walked out of negotiations and wouldn’t Read more […]

$160 Million Paid to Federal Workers for Doing Union Work

How would you like to receive a full salary from the federal government for not working for the government?  Witold Skwierczynski has been employed by the Social Security Administration for over 30 years as a claims representative, but he hasn’t done any work for SSA during that most of his career. In 1978, the Democratically controlled Congress passed the Civil Service Reform Act and Democratic President Jimmy Carter readily signed it into law.  Contained in the act was a provision known Read more […]

School Forced to Reinstate Porn Viewing Teacher with $200,000 in Back Pay

In 2009, Glacier Creek Middle School science teacher Andrew Harris showed a female teacher at the school an image of a nude woman on his school computer.  She reported the incident which launched an investigation by the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, in Middleton, Wisconsin which is about 6 miles west of Madison. The investigation discovered that Harris had been viewing porn at school on school owned computers while being paid by the school.  Additionally, he was sharing the porn Read more […]