Thinking Straight on Unemployment Benefits

A recent article in ThinkProgress explained that cutting off unemployment benefits didn’t actually encourage people to get jobs. Citing a load of statistics, it showed how the majority of the benficiaries of unemployment benefits don’t actually find jobs when their unemployment benefits are cut off: So what does happen when people lose their benefits? A 2012 report from the Government Accountability Office found that their poverty rate spikes by 5 percent, a third turn to government programs, Read more […]

MSNBC: Unemployment Welfare Actually Encourages People To Find A Job

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only one who believes that extending unemployment benefits is actually “one of the best ways to grow the economy.” For this reason, she opposed letting extended unemployment benefits expire. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is right with her. Senator Rand Paul voiced his opposition to turning unemployment benefits into yet another welfare program. He stated the following: “I do support unemployment benefits for the 26 weeks that they’re paid for. If you extend it beyond Read more […]

Drug Screening: Can Liberals Act Logically?

Context is an interesting thing; it can take a beautiful smile, and transform it into a sinister smirk. Context can make one action look like white, when it is actually black; turn something seemingly good into something bad; and force people to think beyond their usual limits. Context is extremely useful in politics; it provides a framework that makes people understand issues in a particular way. When taken out of context, issues become something more than just a political position; they become Read more […]