UN Poll Finds that Global Warming Scare Propaganda Isn’t Working

People are resistant to global warming scare propaganda. Sometimes polls are taken not just to survey current public opinion, but more specifically to find out how people are responding to propaganda campaigns conveyed by the media. They want to see how effective their efforts have been to convince people of a certain opinion. In this poll conducted by the United Nations, over 6 million people were surveyed around the world. Participants were given 16 options and were asked to prioritize them. Read more […]

UN Official Reveals Bias Against Israel and For Hamas in Speech

Barack Obama has proven to be anti-Semitic in all of his dealings with Israel. Once our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Obama has trampled, ridiculed and offended that friendship with Israel. Barack Obama has also proven that he is more loyal to the United Nations than to the United States. He continues to support the UN in almost everything they do. He readily agrees to allow the UN to supersede the US Constitution and trespass on US soil. So is it any wonder that officials with the Read more […]

UN to Usurp American Sovereignty in Border Crisis

I’m going to open up with saying that we need to kick the United Nations out of our country, stop funding them and tell them to stay the heck out of our affairs! They are nothing more than a coalition of socialists that have been actively undermining American culture, morality and values. Their goal is to become the one world governing body with absolute control over every nation and person. Now that Obama has finally stated publicly that all illegals including unaccompanied children will be Read more […]

Why would the UN Give Iran a Seat on Women’s Rights Commission?

There is probably no other nation in the Muslim world that holds to sharia law and mistreatment of women more than Iran.  Their laws still call for the lashing of women who have been judged immoral along with public stoning.  A Muslim man can legally beat and even kill his wife or daughter on just the suspicion of impropriety. In Iran, women are not allowed to socialize with men, worship with men or walk next a man in public.  It’s difficult for many Iranian girls and women to get a formal Read more […]

Obama Wants More Money for UN Even Though US Pays 22% of UN Budget

If you asked me to list the top five enemies of the United States, my list might surprise you.  Number 1 on my list is Barack HUSSEIN Obama because he is doing so much to destroy everything America has ever stood for. Number on my list is the United Nations! The United Nations’ agenda is to form a one-world government and totally usurp everything America stands for.  The United Nations wants to redistribute the wealth on a much large scale than Obama.  The United Nations wants to ban all Read more […]

U.N.: Global Warming is Responsible for “Frigid Polar Air”

If you point to unusually cold weather as a sort of counter-evidence to the theory of catastrophic manmade global warming, you get met with jeers from the left who argue that you can’t use “localized” weather patterns to disprove something that they argue is happening globally on average. In other words, “so what if it’s cold in the winter?” But what is it that they do to “prove” global warming is still happening? They point to localized weather patterns. A recent report released by Read more […]

Is John Kerry Trying To Trick Russians And Americans Into War?

Congress and the American people have halted this administration from further degrading American credibility in the world. The attack on Syria has be paused. But it has not been stopped. In the first place, the US is pushing ahead of schedule to arm radical psychopathic killers to commit indiscriminate mass murder wherever they go. “But I thought we were only going to support the moderates?” you say. Yes. Moderates like the one who dug out and ate the heart of his enemy and posted the footage Read more […]

Black Man Attacks Whites and Yells, “I Hate White People!”

I wonder where the United Nations is on this one. Aren’t they concerned that our laws here in the U.S. may not be consistent with international norms that are supposed to protect certain races from “hate crimes?” Isn’t that why they’re wanting U.S. officials to hurry up with the hate crime investigation of George Zimmerman? Maybe they’ll conclude that there was no evidence of this crime being racially motivated. But even New York’s police chief Ray Kelly said that they’re investigating Read more […]

United Nations: We Need to Know if Zimmerman is Guilty of a Hate Crime

What should have remained a local Sanford, Florida story has now reached international status, trumping anything having to do with the U.S. launching a war with Syria. What the UN really wants is for the U.S. to wrap up its civil rights investigation into the Zimmerman/Martin case. They want to make sure our laws are in compliance with “international norms” regarding race-related crimes. Because everyone knows that Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed white Nazi, murdered a poor black child in cold blood Read more […]

Striking Syria: Who Cares What The UN Says?

So the same industry that told us that Iraqi invaders were stealing medical units from little prematurely-born babies, leaving them to gasping for air, suffocating, in Kuwaiti hospitals—is now telling us that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. We even here politicians claim that Assad has killed “his own people”—which is possible, but is suspect coming from the same people who call foreign Al Qaeda mercenaries, “Syrian rebels.” I can’t deny that the story is a real Read more […]

UN Declares Another Worldwide War On Biblical Ethics

The UN is doing something evil. It must be a day that ends in “Y.” Having already acted as a willing tool of the US State Department Eugenics policy, pretending to endorse the freedom of mothers to murder babies or not (i.e. “abortion rights), while in fact openly bribing and coercing population reduction, this latest move by the United Nations is not that big a deal relatively. It is just one more monstrosity on top of many other monstrosities. Still it is worth noting, since it will surely Read more […]

Jesse Jackson: Get The UN Involved in the Zimmerman Case

The idea of getting the federal Department of Justice involved in what should have remained a local story is preposterous. But Eric Holder announced recently that his department would be opening an investigation and will possibly bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman. We’ll see. Holder may have bitten off more than he can chew, since there isn’t any real evidence that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin because he was black. As over-the-top as it is, getting the DOJ involved just isn’t Read more […]