It’s Worse Than You Think: Why the Administration Must Make the Shutdown Hurt

The word is out, no thanks to the unmanned drones who run the “legitimate media.” This administration is purposely trying to make the government shutdown as painful as possible. You’ve got to give them credit for creativity in this: With only 17% of the monstrosity being closed, you really have to search for ways this is hurting anybody. Even the federal worker trotted out on NPR this morning, who has been relegated to building toy block castles with his young son during the days of furlough, Read more […]

Obama Urges Grads to Ignore Tyranny Warnings

President Obama gave the commencement speech at Ohio State University this weekend. He urged the graduates to reject the voices in the culture that are always warning that government tyranny lurks around the corner. (Video here.) Two things: 1. We need no further proof to justify a chorus of horse-laughter over his claim to being a Constitutional scholar. Because a Constitutional scholar would have read a book or two. Specifically, say, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. Read more […]

Tyrants, You Are Warned!

The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it. – Napoleon Bonaparte On a daily basis, America’s biblical and constitutional foundation is under hostile attack by atheist and homosexual groups that are being used as a political battering ram in an attempt to usher in communism. For example, an atheist group filed a brief on Feb. 15 fighting the federal government’s motion in support of a permanent shrine to Jesus in the Flathead National Read more […]

Declaration of Independence Instructs Us to Throw Off Tyranny of Federal Government

The American colonists were being pressured by the tyranny of the British crown.  King George III was doing his best to strip the colonists of all of their rights and freedoms and force them to submit to his supreme power. Kind of sounds similar to King Barack Obama, doesn’t it? Periodically, I like to re-read the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution as they are the two most important documents in our nation’s history.  I especially like reading them during these times as there Read more […]

Response to Congressman’s Quip About Not Needing An Assault Rifle to Shoot a Duck

Minnesota Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan appeared on the CBS program Face the Nation on January 6. Among the topics discussed was gun-control. Nolan, who claims to be a hunter, seems to be following in President Barack Obama’s propaganda footsteps by trying to make the Second Amendment about hunters. On the program Nolan flippantly quipped that he did not need an assault weapon in order to shoot a duck. He went on to say that most hunters don’t want nor do they need an assault rifle, nor Read more […]