Watch Neil Cavuto go Head-to-Head with Student Who Wants “Free” College

Neil Cavuto is such a cool guy. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity should emulate him. He’s a very gracious interviewer, and he’s able to have a discussion with anyone no matter what his or her views are. He doesn’t try to embarrass the person. He can argue without being nasty about it. Cavuto questioned organizer Keely Mullen with the Million Student March movement. So, what is it that a “million” students are marching for? They want college to be “free.” Of course, there’s no such Read more […]

Senate’s Gift To Potential Students: Reason Not To Enroll

Basic economics dictates that, if the government subsidizes the purchase of an item, the price of that item will rise. In the case of college education, the government has done something a bit more damaging than subsidize the purchase of tuition. It has subsidized the cost of going into debt for that tuition. But that has just changed: “U.S. senators headed home for a Fourth of July recess without passing a bill that would prevent interest rates from doubling on student loans next week, leading Read more […]