10-Year-Old Girl Treated Like Terror Suspect at Airport Because of Juice Box

It’s something we all have to put up with if we have to fly on a plane. Once you get to the “security” checkpoint, the U.S. Constitution is no longer binding. Everyone is treated as a potential terrorist. There are no exceptions. Well, unless you might actually be a terrorist, in which case the TSA wouldn’t want to be guilty of racial profiling. They wouldn’t want to offend anyone. The Blaze reported: A forgotten Capri Sun juice pouch left inside a 10-year-old girl’s carry-on bag Read more […]

No More “Opting Out”: TSA Can Now Force You to Go Through Body Scanners

They can’t force you to go through the body scanners if you’re not trying to get on a plane. Some people have completely given up flying so they don’t have to deal with a Nazi-style police state at the airport where everyone is considered a potential terrorist and therefore subject to warrantless searches and seizures. Well, unless you actually look like a terrorist with a bomb strapped to your chest. In that case, searching that person would be racial profiling and constitute discrimination. Read more […]

TSA Allows Gun, Knife, Scissors, and Box Cutters Through Security

It’s a joke that they call this “security.” One guy forgot about his handgun in his carry-on bag. But the TSA didn’t see it. It was even in the front pocket: But maybe that was just an oversight. Obviously, the TSA have been trying to repair their image after that recent undercover operation found that the TSA have a 95% failure rate. Surely, by now they’ve learned their lesson, right? A team of four from NBC News decided to conduct their own undercover operation. They tried to Read more […]

Carly Fiorina Blasts TSA in Scathing Yelp Review

Carly Fiorina gave the TSA one star, because zero stars is not listed as an option. Yelp was hiding the review for whatever reason, but it’s still there. You just have to keep scrolling down and clicking on “continue reading other reviews that are not currently recommended.” Maybe it’s because her review comes across as a campaign ad. Even so, what she said was true. Eventually, you’ll see hers. And she’s given the TSA one star, although I’m sure she wished she could have given Read more […]

TSA Let Explosives Go through Security but Seize Traveler’s $75,000

It was reported recently that undercover federal agents tested the TSA’s security protocols by trying to get through (inert) explosives, weapons, and other contraband. Apparently, these undercover agents were successful about 95% of the time in getting these items passed security. That success pointed out the extreme failure of the TSA’s security protocols. But when there’s cash involved, they’re quick to find it, confiscate it, and announce it to the social media world, together with Read more […]

TSA Employed 73 People With “Links to Terrorism”

I’ve always thought that the TSA have been looking at the wrong people all along. They claim to be concerned about American passengers’ safety and preventing terrorist attacks by assuming that everyone traveling by plane is a potential terrorist. They never really cared about the people working for them. We already know that many TSA agents have been shown to be people of low moral character, easily bribed, and overall incompetent. It’s purely by the grace of God that we haven’t sustained Read more […]

TSA Agents Caught Trying to Smuggle Meth Through Airport

Next time some TSA apologist says, “Thanks to the TSA, we haven’t had to sustain another terrorist attack,” just think about this story of how these agents tried smuggling meth through the airport. They weren’t TSA agents, per se, since at the San Francisco International Airport, the TSA contracts security out to a private company called Covenant Aviation Security. CAS works airport security for a few other airports around the country. For all practical purposes though, they are the Read more […]

Man Detained by TSA for 20 Hours for Having PowerBars and Watch in his Luggage

58-year-old Roger Vanderklok was on mission to complete 60 half-marathons by the time he was 60. He was only at 38 when he was at the airport on his way to Miami to run another one. But he was detained by the TSA after personnel searched his bags and found PowerBars and a watch stuffed inside a PVC pipe for protection. Obviously, Vanderklok was incredulous at their decision to detain him over energy bars and wished to file a complaint against them. In response to his desire to register a complaint, Read more […]

Man Who Posed as TSA Agent and Groped Women Has Charges Dropped

Eric Slighton, fake TSA agent, was at the San Francisco International Airport when he stopped off at the airport bar and drank for a few hours. After reaching a sufficient level of intoxication, he lifted a pair of blue gloves from an agent, and having donned them, he asked two women on separate occasions to accompany him in the private screening room. Apparently, both women were foreign and probably didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They complied and after their “screening” went Read more […]

When TSA Does it, it’s “Security”; When a Drunk Man Does it, it’s “Groping”

Who knows, maybe he was just trying to give the TSA a helping hand. And what did he get in return? Jail time. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. After making his way through security at San Francisco International Airport, a passenger stopped off at a bar and filled up on booze. Then, he proceeded to pretend as if he worked for the TSA. He didn’t even bother trying to look the part. He had on khaki pants and a blue polo shirt, and he apparently was able to swipe a pair of blue gloves Read more […]

TSA Agent Didn’t Know District of Columbia is in the United States

A reporter who works for Orlando’s Channel 9 lives in D.C. He was flying out of Orlando’s airport, and when he showed his D.C. drivers license to a TSA agent, the agent said that it wasn’t a valid form of ID. Then, the agent asked for the reporter’s passport. The reporter Justin Gray told the agent he didn’t have his passport and asked why he needed it when he’s got a valid drivers license. In his conversation with the agent, Gray found that the agent had no idea that D.C., that is, the Read more […]