TSA Confiscate Belt Buckle…for National Security, of Course

The TSA confiscated a traveler’s belt buckle, because it was shaped like a gun. Their argument was that if this traveler pointed the belt buckle at a cop, the cop might mistake it for a real gun and have to “take action” against him. Believe me, it wouldn’t take much to get a cop to shoot you. You could point your finger at a cop, and he’d shoot you, claiming he thought you had a gun. Traveler Sean Malone was late to a flight out of Los Angeles and didn’t have time to argue with the Read more […]

Study Shows TSA Nude Scanners Were Pretty Much Worthless…but we Knew That Already

They should have done these studies a long time ago, before the TSA decided that the porno scans would prevent large-scale terrorist attacks. Perhaps there were studies done, but they certainly weren’t publicized when they needed to be. If people knew how useless they were, public pressure wouldn’t allow the TSA to spend over a billion dollars on the worthless machines. Now that they don’t use these scanners in U.S. airports anymore, studies on their weaknesses can be publicized. A team Read more […]

TSA to Raise its “Airport Security” Fees Next Week

We’re definitely not paying for security when we buy airline tickets. We’re paying for a government agency to treat all of us Americans as if we’re terrorists in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We’re paying them to grope us and scan us. We’re paying them so that they can traffic drugs and weapons around as long as they’re paid enough under the table to do it. We’re paying them so they can steal passengers’ iPads. We’re paying them so that they can fly illegals around without Read more […]

TSA Allowing Illegal Aliens to Board Commercial Airliners Without ID

One of the purported reasons we have government-issued IDs is for national security, that hackneyed excuse for just about everything our government does that encroaches on our liberties. We have IDs so that so-called law enforcement can make sure we’re U.S. citizens, so that they can check our criminal history and see where we live. Our personal identification information is interconnected so that our government at all levels can keep track of us. For national security purposes, of course. So Read more […]

TSA “Misses” AK-47 Magazines Stowed in Yemeni Man’s Luggage

You’ll get harassed by the TSA if you’re a white American, and they’ll claim it’s for your own safety. The TSA are purportedly an outgrowth of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Attacks that were planned and carried out (ostensibly) by consistent Mohammedans from the Middle East. Yet, instead of targeting those who are more likely to be terrorists (that is, the same kind of people who attacked us on 9/11), they target America’s own citizens (the kind of people who were killed in the attacks on Read more […]

TSA Pats Down 2-Year-Old Potential Terrorist

It’s not clear how old this video is. The TSA have allegedly stopped patting down those under 12. So, if this is a recent video, then they’re clearly violating their own rules. If it’s older than it appears, then hopefully they’ve stopped these more ridiculous practices by now. Believe it or not, there actually are those who defend these procedures, because “you never know,” kids even 2 years of age can be used to transport bad things, and these TSA officers are just doing their jobs Read more […]

TSA Bars Stroke Victim From Flying for not Being Able to Talk…for National Security, of Course

Heidi had a stroke about 10 years ago, and since then, she’s been wheelchair-bound and mute. She was due to fly to Phoenix from Los Angeles to be taken care of by family there. But the TSA stopped her, because her driver’s license was expired. The TSA agent wanted Heidi to state her name, but she hadn’t been able to speak for a decade. Heidi’s sister Sherry Wright was there and tried to explain to the agent that Heidi is not able to say anything. From the New York Post: Wright claims the TSA Read more […]

TSA Ordered Not To Pat Down Or Screen Members Of Muslim Brotherhood

If you ask the average American on the street what he thinks of the TSA, he might respond with something like this:  “The TSA’s security procedures might be mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they’re a small price to pay for national security and the prevention of terrorism.” If they’re really trying to prevent terrorist acts, then why don’t they screen people who are known members of a terrorist organization? Documents released under a Freedom of Information Act request show Read more […]