Time for Gun Control? 3-Year-Old Shoots and Kills 1-Year-Old

No, it is not time for gun control. It is time for parents to take control of their own lives and protect their children. This Cleveland, Ohio tragedy where a three-year-old shot a one-year-old in the face is renewing calls for gun control. A local ABC affiliate reported on the incident: A 1-year-old boy died after he was shot in the face, according to Cleveland Police. Investigators said they believe the boy was shot by a 3-year-old child boy. “It’s a sad day for Cleveland,” Cleveland Police Read more […]

Time for Gun Control? 2-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Mother in Walmart

Liberals will use any tragedy like this as an excuse to call for gun control. What should remain as a terrible accident, liberals will use as an opportunity to change into a political issue. Here’s what happened, according to the Idaho Statesman: Veronica Rutledge and her husband loved everything about guns. They practiced at shooting ranges. They hunted. And both of them, relatives and friends say, had permits to carry concealed firearms. Veronica typically left her Blackfoot home with her gun Read more […]

Al Sharpton Found The Next Trayvon: Renisha McBride

What’s this? “Another Trayvon incident”? Let’s say it together: aw, hails naw! Al Sharpton’s flapping his lips about it, so you may have heard about it by now. From Detroit’s CBS affiliate: Renisha McBride, 19, of Detroit, was killed by a shotgun blast at a home in the 16000 block of Outer Drive around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. At a home, not her home. Hmm. Family members say McBride had been seeking help at the home after her cell phone died following a car accident. They say McBride, who is Read more […]

Newtown Kids Exploitable But Obama’s Daughters Off Limits?

Thanks to Sasha and Malia’s dad, the U.S. economy is growing at historic levels and unemployment is at historic lows, right? How else can one explain 60 minutes profound respect for obscene First Family vacation spending and privacy and their total disregard for the privacy of the grieving and vulnerable families victimized in the Newtown tragedy? Apparently, only some children’s lives are “off limits” and others, well, not so much. Forgive my condescending tone, but not a day goes by Read more […]