This New Toy Will Help Traffic Cops Rake in the Dough from Unsuspecting Drivers

While speeding laws may have been started with good intentions, they’re used nowadays as ways to bring in large amounts of money for cities and police departments. City and police officials who stand to gain financially from traffic ticket revenue claim it’s all about safety. I’m sure they wish that no one ever violated any traffic codes ever, right? If that were the case, they’d have to come up with more laws for people to break. They’ve got to make money somehow. The Blaze reported: Drivers Read more […]

Police Brutality is Not a Racial Issue

Every time a police officer harasses or kills a black person, commentators publicize it as another evidence of the chronic racial problem in the United States. But the race narrative is not large enough to account for all police butality. The main problem with law enforcement is not racism. If we were paying attention, we would already know this. Take for instance the recent police shooting of Zachary Hammond. His case has not been widely publicized because it doesn’t fit nicely into the race Read more […]

Small Texas Towns Rake in Millions from Speeding Tickets

Small towns profit off speeding tickets. That’s how cities and police departments make money. In fact, if it weren’t for the municipal court cases created from speeding citations, there wouldn’t be a police department. Officials always argue that speeding laws are about safety. I think it’s possible that they started out that way, but it didn’t take long for city officials and cops to see how quickly they could make money from speeding laws. Then, cities and small towns started budgeting Read more […]

Texas Police Get Away With Over 500 Car Accidents They Caused

Police are generally a protected class in our country. Justice is usually only reserved for the more blatant and egregious crimes they commit. Most of the time, they get a token slap on the wrist. In Texas (and in probably every other state as well), they mostly get away with the car wrecks they cause. Here’s Houston’s KHOU: It was supposed to be a routine drive to work for Tracy Greeno, but in her rear-view mirror, she spotted danger. “I see him coming closer and I’m saying to myself, Read more […]