Cops Falsify Speeding Tickets to Cash in on Overtime

One of the four Houston, Texas cops involved actually killed himself when the scandal broke that cops falisfy speeding tickets. The other three are under investigation, but the police union to which they belong have reminded everyone that they are innocent until proven guilty. Which is true, but it wasn’t difficult to prove their guilt. KHOU reported:  An I-Team analysis of months of tickets and GPS records revealed how Officers Rudolph Farias John Garcia, Robert Manzanales and Gregory Rosa, Read more […]

Retired Cop Reveals LADOT’s Traffic Ticket Quotas

Ticket quotas are one of those things that everybody knows exist, but no one is supposed to talk about. You talk to most cops about them, and they’ll deny they even exist. They’ll tell you it’s all a myth. And the few cops that do acknowledge their existence and admit their propensity for abuse often face disciplinary action at work. The reliance on ticket quotas to ensure a certain amount of revenue for the department, city and/or county varies per department. A cop I know told me that Read more […]