Prius-Driving, Cigarette-Smoking, Littering Environmentalists

I was driving on my way to work yesterday behind a blue Prius. I don’t always make judgments against Prius drivers—perhaps they just want to save on gas money as I did when I considered getting one last year—but this one had an Obama 2012 sticker on it and some other sticker about hiking. I’m not naive and I like profiling people. A person who bought into the promises of President Obama a second time and who enjoys nature? This woman was an environmentalist, without a doubt. As I was stopped Read more […]

Obama’s Universal Pre-K Program Will Run Itself Out Of Money

I know, right? A government program running out of money? Who-da-thunk-it? I’m sure they’ll think of something else to tax when it’s abundantly clear to the powers that be that the program will bankrupt itself. I mean, look how they were able to salvage Social Security. OK, bad example. Politically, Obama was trying to kill two birds with one stone. His budget called for a universal pre-k program that was going to be funded with tobacco taxes. How could any decent American say no to “free” Read more […]

Tobacco For Eighteen-Year-Olds? What Are Bloomberg’s Priorities?

For the record, I tend to think that a cigarette ban for minors may be appropriate. While I oppose prohibition for adults, I think it makes sense to say that adults shouldn’t be permitted to entice children into certain unhealthy choices. Of course, if such a prohibition is put in place, it needs to be justified by banning a substance that is clearly dangerous, not just “unhealthy” by some statistic that we know doesn’t apply to all people. If the evidence qualifies tobacco as such a substance, Read more […]

People Using Welfare Money to Pay for Booze, Strip Clubs and Porn

Have you ever wondered how welfare recipients use your tax dollars? Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, a federally operated welfare program, families and individuals are given food stamps and cash assistance which is accessed through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. The New York Post also wondered how welfare recipients spend our tax dollars, so using the Freedom of Information Act, they obtained the database records of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfers.  Read more […]