Why Christian Terrorism is an Oxymoron While Islamic Terrorism is a Truism

In the wake of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, many political commentators have been quick to criticize Republicans for being unwilling to call Robert Lewis Dear a “Christian terrorist” though those same Republicans want to call ISIS and its agents “Islamic terrorists.” Here’s a representative example of this argument from (of course) Think Progress: But while some famous conservatives such [as] Mike Huckabee were eventually willing to call the massacre [Does this really count Read more […]

Was John Brown the First “Domestic Terrorist”?

John Brown, the famously violent abolitionist, attacked a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859. He took possession of its armory, and fully intended to use the weapons from the armory to arm slaves for a revolt. He was stopped by the U.S. Army (led by then Colonel Robert E. Lee), tried in a local civil court, found guilty, and hanged. As much as people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, ((The father of American Transcendentalism wrote, “John Brown will make the gallows as glorious as the Read more […]

Nobody Noticed The Guy With The Bulky Back Pack?

While left wing America and the folks at Salon.com cling to the hope that the individuals responsible for the Boston Marathon Massacre are privileged white male members of the Tea Party; a massive effort is being made to identify and apprehend the guy with the pressure cooker stuffed backpacks nobody noticed. A lot of well trained and funded eyes were focused on the world’s oldest marathon last Monday, yet two Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) managed to slip through a six figure federal and state Read more […]