Tim Scott (R-SC) Says The GOP has Real Solutions for Working Families

From the GOP’s YouTube Page: In the Weekly Republican Address, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina looks ahead to the start of the 114th Congress when both houses of Congress will be controlled by Republicans. Scott says Republicans must work to regain the trust of the American people and that the best way to do that is through an agenda that focuses on jobs and the economy. “The mid-term elections put the President’s policies on the ballot, and the American people overwhelmingly rejected Read more […]

What the “Anti-Woman, Racist” GOP Did Last Night

The GOP is regularly blasted as the racist and anti-woman party. Yet, last night, the GOP accomplished some things for black people and women that have never been accomplished by the Democrats. First, GOP voters elected Tim Scott as a Senator from South Carolina: [Tim] Scott is . . . the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction. Scott beat Democratic Richland County Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson, who also is African-American, and Jill Bossi of the upstart American Read more […]

CNN: Black Conservative Senator Doesn’t Deserve to Be Part of MLK Event

The only thing worse than a white conservative is a black conservative. The left excoriates them probably more than any white person. They’re mocked for “acting white,” and they’re called “Uncle Toms.” They’re seen as traitors to the “cause.” So much for a colorblind society where people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. If you’re black, you’d better support Obama, socialized medicine, high taxes, gun control, abortion, and Read more […]

MLK Anniversary Excludes Only African American In US Senate

Edmund Burke said: “To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” To live without reflection is to live without thought. And to live without thought is not to live at all. The world around us is so massively complex, yet we often take it for granted. We read, hear and watch without digesting. This can lead to a dulling of our perspective, a society running on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, there are those whose goal it is to use our dulled perspective against us. According to the Read more […]

Liberals Hate Minority Conservatives

Don Lemon is black, he also happens to be gay, and works as a news anchor and commentator for CNN. He would likely never be described as a conservative, but recently he defended Bill O’Reilly for some commentary he gave on the breakdown of the black community. In fact, Lemon said O’Reilly did not go far enough in his condemnation of the problems facing the black community. For that, Lemon has faced increasing fire from the Left, and he may now be experiencing what many conservatives of Read more […]

Tim Scott & The Liberal Hypocrisy Of Affirmative Action

As an ardent Right-wing political nut for some time now, I’ve observed hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle. Even politicians and pundits on my own side have severely disappointed me on more than one occasion. However, the Democrats and Left-wing pundits truly take the cake, eat the cake, then blame Conservatives for their indigestion. The Left’s continued hypocrisy and ability to twist anything to slam Conservatives verges on the divine. Now they’re at it again. By now you’re probably Read more […]

Nikki Haley Appoints Only Black Senator–Liberals Call Oreo

The Liberals are never satisfied. You elect a white male, you’re racist and sexist; you elect a white female, still racist; you elect a black person of either gender, and they’re not really black. No matter what Republicans do; no matter how qualified the candidate, Liberals will find an excuse to make Conservatives look like sexist, racist, bigoted, hate-mongering devils. You could elect a minority, lesbian, paraplegic single mother on welfare and the Liberals would scoff. And so it goes. With Read more […]