California Cops Suspended for Protesting Ticket, Arrest Quotas?

Now these six Whittier, California cops are suing the city police department for what they describe as retaliation against them for speaking out against and not meeting ticket and arrest quotas. Police officials of course swear that they don’t use quotas. After all, quotas are against state law, and since they’re all about law enforcement, they couldn’t use quotas even if they wanted to. They only do things that are lawful. It’s all semantics though. They may not call what they have Read more […]

Cop Sues Police Department Over Unlawful Ticket Quotas

Next time a cop pulls you over for no apparent reason and asks you if you know why he pulled you over, maybe you should respond, “Because you’re trying to meet your quota?” Actually, don’t say that. They might get mad and arrest you for “assaulting a police officer” or “resisting arrest.” Quotas vary per police department. Of course, they don’t call them quotas. They don’t call them anything. That’s why no police department will acknowledge their existence. They’re sort Read more […]

How to Meet Quotas: Florida Police Consider All Residents “Suspicious”

Since police can now consider everything we do “suspicious,” they can pull over, detain, or arrest anyone for anything. It used to be that the 4th Amendment protected against all unreasonable searches and seizures, but they’ve been steadily redefining “unreasonable” for the past several decades. Bottom line:  if a cop does anything at all to you, then by definition, it was not unreasonable. Of course, this isn’t just an aggressive crime deterrent. It’s not public safety that they’re Read more […]