Lesbian Couple Demand Refund from Jeweler for not Having the Correct Opinion About Marriage

This may have happened in Canada, but expect to see these types of stories pop up here in the States in the coming months and years. A Christian man named Esau Jardon runs a jewelry business in Toronto. A lesbian couple, Nicole White and Pam Renouf, came in looking for engagement rings. Despite the jeweler’s beliefs, he treated them as he did every other customer he had. He was kind, polite, and he gave them the jewelry they were looking for. The couple were so satisfied with the service, the Read more […]

Orwellian Newspeak Goes Live For Same Sex UK Officialdom

In George Orwell’s totalitarian dystopian novel, 1984, because people could be persecuted and killed for thinking the wrong thing (“thoughtcrime”), they had to conform to the politically correct way of speaking (“newspeak”). Orwell’s novel is a bestseller for a reason. People saw in his imaginary world an accurate reflection of the real one and how modern tyrannies work. And it is no longer fiction but fact in the UK. Even though same sex “marriage” is not legal, already the definitions Read more […]