Student’s Petition to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue is Not Radical Enough

Maxwell Little, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, has started a petition on asking that a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson be removed from the campus because it “delivers a nonverbal code which affects [him] emotionally and psychologically.” Little quotes the authors of the book Nonverbal Communication, Burgoon, Guerrero, and Floyd, who write: “…facial expressions, gestures, vocal behaviors, and touch can convey meaning, but we often overlook the communicative value Read more […]

Against Judicial Supremacy: Does the Supreme Court Have the Final Say?

It seems like an obvious question: What branch of government is responsible to interpret the Constitution for the other branches? Many people would immediately reply that the Supreme Court has the final say on any constitutional question. Commentators mocked presidential hopeful Ben Carson for saying that the president does not have to enforce any “judicial laws,” since his job is to enforce only those laws that come from the legislative branch. Here are his comments: First of all, we have Read more […]

Obama Hearts Ho Chi Minh

Seriously? Can American liberals really keep blaming conservatives for calling President Obama names when he keeps putting his foot in his mouth? As a conservative writer and blogger, I get a lot of email from leftists calling me a “conspiracy theorist” or “tea bagger” or even “tin foil hatted.” But how can my compatriots or I be blamed when the President himself says things like this: “The fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Read more […]

How to Celebrate Diversity without Causing Division

In what is now called “The Pound Cake speech,” Bill Cosby made a lot of enemies for himself in the black community by criticizing, even mocking, what he saw as destructive, ignorant, asinine aspects of “black culture.” Critics of the speech claimed that Cosby was criticizing poor people in black communities more than black culture in general. They saw his rant as the condescending diatribe of a priviledged elite against his lower-class neighbors. Many people called him an Uncle Tom or Read more […]