NY Times’ Thomas Friedman: Those Who Question Manmade Global Warming are “Trotskyite Radicals”

It would have been more accurate to compare global warming alarmists in the political arena and media establishment to Trotskyite radicals. But the insult is as silly as calling someone in politics you don’t like “Hitler,” something that both sides engage in and justify. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was responding to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation when he shot back some familiar talking points about those “science-denying” “flat-Earthers” who question the politically profitable Read more […]

Why Thomas Friedman is a Eugenicist nutjob

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman is Pro-life. He gave that title to his Sunday column, so it should be beyond dispute, right? “Why I am Pro-life” works if you understand by “life” the success and wealth of people like Thomas Friedman unencumbered by the cares of the weak and the helpless. Nothing should ever hamper or hurt you in Friedman’s world. If through no fault of your own you find yourself related to someone who could derail your hopes and aspirations for yourself, you simply Read more […]