Did Liberal Senator Really Just Help Re-Elect Wisc. GOP Gov. Scott Walker?

Wisconsin politics has been embroiled in controversy ever since Republican Scott Walker was voted in as the state’s governor in 2010. Unlike many politicians, Walker kept most of his campaign promises, especially the ones about reducing the state deficit and working towards a balanced budget. In doing so, he stepped on the toes of the unions that represent state employees and the unions have been gunning for him ever since. They mounted a recall drive against Walker but he won that election Read more […]

Tennessee is Drug Testing Welfare Recipients and This is What They Found Out

The state of Tennessee has started drug testing welfare recipients in an effort to curb the amount of state and federal money going to the purchase and use of illegal drugs. But so far, they have turned up almost nothing. A recent article in Think Progress explains that the drug testing has proven that less than two percent of welfare users are on drugs (that’s way under the statewide 8 percent average). See, Republicans… you’re wasting money trying to reinforce your welfare-slashing narrative. Read more […]