School Objects to Pictures of Guns … in Gun-Free Zone Signs

Sometimes the soft-headed absurdity of the effete left leaves me wondering how so many people came to appear so much like parodies of themselves. Apparently administrators at a school in Chicago are up in “arms” about gun-free zone signs they are being asked to post on their property. They are angry because the signs contain pictures of guns. Comments from the principal of this school concerning the signs basically beggar belief. They must be read in a timorous and shaking voice that cracks Read more […]

Obamacare Glitches Go Beyond Just the Website

So they’re telling people that if they’re having problems signing on to to search for plans or to apply for insurance, they can always call that 800 number to speak to a representative who can take down your information for you. You can apply by phone or by snail mail. In other words, we’ve got options if the internet isn’t doing it for us. But it turns out, all that information has to be entered into the same web portal that you’d have to otherwise do yourself. These Read more […]