Video: Rand Paul Storms from Interview; Shuts Off Lights on Reporter

It’s been amusing watching the media concoct their narrative about Rand Paul being this misogynistic and ill-tempered person. When the media make silly attacks like this, you know they’re afraid of something and view Rand as a threat. Recently, The Guardian was able to get in a little interview with the Senator. Paul told the interviewer that he only had time for one more question. The reporter asked his question, Rand answered it, and then he had to leave for another interview, one with Dana Read more […]

Teenagers Abandoning Facebook in Droves

Facebook’s recent financial numbers don’t look that great. Apparently, the social media giant is going the way of MySpace and AOL chatrooms. They are failing to maintain the attention of Generation Z (that may or may not stand for “Zombie,” btw). Apparently the younger generation is far more concerned about privacy and real connections—they are currently popularizing private message services like WhatsApp and WeChat. A recent article in The Guardian hypothesizes on why this may be the Read more […]

The One Demographic Needed For GOP To Win Elections

A piece at The Guardian written by black conservative Crystal Wright accuses the Republican National Committee of making phony promises when, after the 2012 election, they said they would make a stronger effort to reach out to non-whites. “To keep up appearances,” writes Wright, “the RNC hired a handful of blacks this year and featured the black Republican house speaker from Oklahoma, TW [sic] Shannon, as a speaker in its Rising Stars Program at the RNC’s summer meeting in Boston. But when it’s Read more […]