Your Politically Incorrect Guide to Thanksgiving

The very funny and absolutely correct Steven Crowder has put together a brilliant (and politically incorrect) guide for Thanksgiving 2015. His efforts are just in time to prepare you for the Turkey Day festivities that will no doubt put you in direct conflict with your liberal cousin from Albuquerque who is worried about “white privilege,” “trigger warnings,” and social justice. Watch, learn and share the knowledge with everyone and make this the best Thanksgiving celebration ever.   Full Read more […]

White House Says we Should all Talk About Gun Control Around the Thanksgiving Table

Universal background checks didn’t quite make it, but we always knew the gun grabbers would keep trying. Now, the Obama administration is wanting to get people on terrorist watch lists barred from being able to buy firearms or explosives. It sounds reasonable, right? I mean, we don’t want people who are suspected of being terrorists getting their hands on guns or bombs, do we? Yeah, until we realize how easy it is to end up on the no-fly list and terrorist watch list. The Obama administration Read more […]

Saving Thanksgiving

I’ve noted something recently about Thanksgiving in particular and American gratitude in general. Our gratitude is generally accompanied by a spirit of resignation or complacency. I read posts and hear comments all the time to this effect: “Sure, America is going down the toilet, but it’s still the greatest country on earth. We still have all these freedoms left, so I really can’t complain.” That’s kind of like saying, “Hey, I blew half of my savings on Black Friday, but I don’t want Read more […]

Thanksgiving Is For Killers

Have you ever met someone, or known someone who loves to stir the pot? This type of person thrives on even a scrap of drama, feeding off of the troubles they create. This person also likes to make outrageous statements that will get others to attack them, so they can feel proud in their victimization. Everyone knows someone who stirs the pot, probably because everyone knows at least one Liberal. Liberals love drama in almost any sense, but specifically if that drama makes them look like a martyr, Read more […]

Is Thanksgiving Racist?

I love the holiday season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas; this season is my favorite part of the year. But with every holiday season comes those who want to make the rest of us feel bad for celebrating. Those people come in many forms: actors, musicians, Leftist politicians, and most of all, university professors. This year, the browbeating is coming from University of Texas journalism professor, Robert Jensen. In his column, No Thanks for Thanksgiving, Jensen has a lot to say. Rather Read more […]